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Breakthrough: Strengthening the Ear Brain Connection

Ear ringing (tinnitus) can be annoying at best, and at worst debilitating. After decades of study (from 1985 to 2023) examining the cause and impact of tinnitus, top researchers at MIT (lead by Dr. Patla - a noted specialist in the field) have discovered one common thread—a weakened connection between the inner ear and the brain. This faulty wiring is responsible for the constant ringing, swooshing, and pounding heard by those suffering from this affliction. 

If you're 45 years of age or older, it is vital that you address this now. The same studies that identified the root cause of Tinnitus have demonstrated an alarming domino effect. As the inner ear/brain connection weakens, it can set off a chain reaction impacting other links in the brain - mainly memory and cognition. 

Addressing the root cause of tinnitus and strengthening the ear/brain connection can save you the pain of constant ear ringing, and help you hang on to your most valuable asset as you age - your mind. Watch the short free video to learn how to act on tinnitus to turn things around.

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